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Access to capital is the single most important factor for the success of any business.  This is especially true when you are operating a car dealership or auto finance company.  Westlake understands the need for capital and has a solution to this problem.  Westlake ALPS now offers credit lines that are specifically designed for the auto finance industry.  With a national presence and over 30 years of experience in the industry, partnering with Westlake for your capital needs is the obvious choice.  Each of our credit lines are specifically designed for each customer’s unique business needs.  Whether you are a Buy-Here Pay-Here dealer or an established finance company, we can customize our program for you.  Our credit lines start at $1.5 Million with interest and advance rates that vary by deal.  To learn more on how you would qualify, please contact Westlake ALPS for more details.

  • Get a revolving line starting from $1,500,000+
  • Credit lines specifically designed for auto dealers and auto lenders
  • Flexible collateral and structure options available
  • Increase your access to capital as your business grows
  • You decide what to do with the money

ALPS offers the most competitive rates in the industry.

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  • Access to capital for organizational growth
  • Instant cash flow
  • Reduce and/or eliminate collection overhead
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  • Auto loan portfolio starting from $1,000,000+
  • Onsite consultation and closing
  • Personalized service from initial contact to post account transfer
  • Customized deal structure option available on each transaction 
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  • Designed specifically for auto dealers and auto lenders
  • Rates are among the most competitive in the industry
  • Flexible collateral and structure options
  • Increase access to capital as your business grows
  • Credit lines starting from $1,500,000+
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