Mergers & Acquisition

It should come to no surprise to anyone in auto finance
that this is a very competitive marketplace.  The constant
changes in the economy, competition, & regulatory enviornment
make auto finance an extremely volatile industry. Even with

these constant changes, Westlake has been a stable financial

resource for car dealerships & finance companies for over

30 years! Westlake Financial now offers a Merger & Acquisition

team that is dedicated to these types of transactions. Westlake

has the experience and resources to acquire auto finance

portfolios and companies of all sizes. We offer our clients a

disciplined approach to deal making and M&A end-to-end

support. Whether you are an investment bank or owner that

wants to liquidate a portfolio, Westlake ALPS will provide a

solution to you.

  • Experienced in medium & large-scale transactions
  • Customized deal structure for each transaction
  • All credit spectrums considered
  • Quick & efficient closing

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  • Access to capital for organizational growth
  • Instant cash flow
  • Reduce and/or eliminate collection overhead
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  • Auto loan portfolio starting from $1,000,000+
  • Onsite consultation and closing
  • Personalized service from initial contact to post account transfer
  • Customized deal structure option available on each transaction 
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  • Designed specifically for auto dealers and auto lenders
  • Rates are among the most competitive in the industry
  • Flexible collateral and structure options
  • Increase access to capital as your business grows
  • Credit lines starting from $1,500,000+
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