A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital.  Many dealers experience a cash flow shortage as they sell more inventory, especially during tax season.  Selling all or a part of your Buy-Here Pay-Here portfolio can be a solution to help inject cash into your business.

Additionally, selling your accounts will allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure.  Guaranteed money today is more valuable than potential money tomorrow!  Westlake ALPS is committed to structure each purchase around your specific needs.  Whether you are looking to sell a small pool or sell your entire portfolio, an ALPS sales consultant will be able to structure a deal that best fits your needs.  At Westlake ALPS, we strive to achieve three key principals on each and every deal: Best Price, Great Service, Quick Funding.

The popularity of portfolio acquisition comes as a result of these key benefits:

Dealership Benefits

  • Instant Cash Flow
    • Capital for dealership expansion and upgrades
    • Capital to re-stock inventory quickly 
    • Capital for stability during seasonal business trends
  • Focus On YOUR Business
    • Eliminate collections and servicing issues
    • Focus on selling cars, not collecting payments
  • Keep Your Profit
    • Increase your yields by selling your portfolio
    • Reduce your portfolio risk and by guaranteeing cash flow on a sale

Finance Company Benefits

  • Experienced in large portfolio acquisitions
  • Capable of closing most large purchases within 30 days
  • Able to setup a "Flow Through" programs based on each companies capital needs


  1. Big Sale Day
    • Many new BHPH loans
    • Reduction in inventory due to sales

  2. Lots of paper, not cash
    • Increased demand on staffing resources to services loans
    • Waiting on cash to replace inventory

  3. Sell your BHPH portfolio to ALPS
    • Re-capitalize your business to purchase more vehicles
    • No longer spend time collecting payments


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  • Easy access to capital for organizational growth
  • Experienced in dealership & finance company acquisitions
  • Instant cash flow which results in higher yields for your business
  • Reduce your collection & servicing overhead
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  • Auto loan portfolio starting from $1,000,000+
  • Onsite consultation and closing
  • Personalized service from initial contact to post account transfer
  • Customized deal structure option available on each transaction 
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  • Designed specifically for auto dealers and auto lenders
  • Rates are among the most competitive in the industry
  • Flexible collateral and structure options
  • Increase access to capital as your business grows
  • Credit lines starting from $1,500,000+
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